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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where is

I have written about the misleading and shoddy work found on the site run by an electrical engineer creationist, R. David Pogge, here, here, here, here, and here.

I was getting ready to do another write up today and when double checking the link to the article that I was going to rebut, I discovered that the link was dead. Then, I tried another, and another. I then did a Google search for any mention of the site, and in each case, I was unable to get it to load.

So, what happened to Did Pogge shut down, finally realizing that his shoddy work was being exposed?

Of course not.

Instead, the creationist has simply changed domains.

Oddly, Pogge still titles the site:

Science Against EvolutionOfficial Home Page
Now, I shall have to change all my links.
I do wonder why Pogge did this.....


Anonymous said... has been in existence since 26-Jul-2000 01:28:59 UTC according to WhoIs databases. You say, "Did Pogge shut down, finally realizing that his shoddy work was being exposed?" This claim is baseless. The fact is that your arguments are weak and you need to defend your absurd views by attacking him via an excuse based on a "lack" of a domain name. That sounds pretty desparate to me!

Doppelganger said...

Apparently you did not read any of my other articles in which I document Pogge's intellectual dishonesty and/or incompetnece.

Your comment seems rather uninformed to me!