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Monday, June 30, 2008

I agree with Wes CLark

Retired General Wesley Clark stated recently that "... being shot down" doesn't qualify McCain to be commander in chief, and the McCain camp is "outraged."

But the problem is, it is the truth.

I have read that McCain finished in the bottom 1-2% of his class at Annapolis. That he lost 5 aircraft during his career - only once to enemy action. That is what is referred to as a 'Black Ace' (a feat shared with right-wing nutjob Bob Dornan, who used to brag about his stint as a fighter pilot - never mentioned that he somehow managed to stay stateside during Viet Nam and lost 5 planes while he was at it).

McCain's service is honorable. But getting shot down doesn't make you a hero, nor does it make you more qualified to be CinC than anyone else, especially when you intend to follow the failed policies of the Bush administration....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I've recently taken on additional duties at my place of employment, and so am taking a break from blogging (not that I was super active in the first place). I will placing comments on moderation so as to avoid junk posts and spam from accumulating.

See ya!