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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whatever Happened to R. David Pogge?

Well, nothing.

Pogge (aka 'Do-While Jones') is the main author of the misinformed propaganda at the Science Against Evolution web site.

Pogge is an electrical engineer, and as nearly all electrical engineers that also happen to be creationists, Pogge considers himself an arbiter of the truth of all things scientifc. I have written about some of the more ridiculous things Pogge has written on topics such as gene duplication and the relevance of the % similarity between human and chimp DNA.

Since I began writing articles for this blog last January, I have emailed Pogge 3 or 4 times, informaing him that I had written about some of his articles and included links to them in my messages. I have never received a response of any kind.

Today, I checked out the Pogge propaganda site and (re)discovered the fact that Pogge writes up replies to many emails he receives. I looked through the archives there, and there is no mention of my articles debunking and exposing his silly claims (that I could find, anyway).

Better for him I suppose - it would be detrimental to let his more dimwitted readers know that his claims have been responsded to.


Designs said...

Perhaps Pogge has come to the same conclusion that I have that it is futile to argue with Darwinian Fundamentalists. Their repressive Darwinian belief system strives to crush any dissent with derogatory and personal attacks. From what I gather on this blog, any criticism of Darwinism results in derogatory and sarcastic statements that try to discredit in a personal manner, instead of addressing the criticisms in a professional scientific manner. I post once in Fundamentalist blogs like this one and then move on to more fertile ground, where scientific objectivity, reason, and the scientific method still prevail in a professional manner.

Doppelganger said...

Ah, that paragon of virtue and civil behavior and fact-filled internet popsts, 'Designs'...

Take a hike, propagandist...