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Friday, April 06, 2007

Is Jonathan Wells lying, or....

... merely demonstrating his poor comprehension skills?

You see, a couple days ago, PZ Myers demolished one of Wells' recent rants regarding HOX genes and evo-devo.

Well, the public relations folk that made Swiftboating a verb have taught the Discovery Institute minions well - respond at all costs. And so Wells did.

And in his response, Wells does what he does - he lies. That or he shows how incompetent he is. Or a little of both. And in one glaring example, he shows that he has learned well at the feet of his creationist brethren the art of 'out of context quoting' .

PZ had written:

If you're familiar with Wells and with Deadwood, you know what I mean. You'll just have to imagine that I am Al Swearingen, the brutal bar-owner who uses obscenities as if they were lyric poetry, while Wells is E.B. Farnum, the unctuous rodent who earns the contempt of every man who meets him.

Wells quotes him in his response thusly:

In case you think this is just a dry scientific dispute, Myers also wrote: “Wells is… [an] unctuous rodent who earns the contempt of every man who meets him."


I don't know about you, but I think that little episode says much more about about Wells' integrity and intellectual honesty than it does about PZ's "tantrum.".

It should make one - even Wlls' fans -wonder how much else of Wells' writings can be attributed to out of context quotes, embellishments, fabrications, misrepresentations, etc...
But the IDcreationist masses do not dare question their heroes...

P.S. - PZ responds to Wells whine-fest...

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