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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Red State Chickenhawk

Courtesy of Crook and Liars:

A good ol' southern boy who "loves" George W. Bush so much that he claims that he would like to be related to him, who unabashedly thinks the war is great, who:

did not serve

claims he is too old to serve (at 31, he still has 9 years)

claims that if we needed more men, he would sign up (the army did not meet its recruiting goals again this month)

thinks, apparently, that he is helping the war effort by accosting a woman whose son was killed in Iraq...

How typical...

Isn't it ironic that a blue state - my adopted home state of Vermont - a commie (Bernie Sanders), gay (civil unions), liberal (Howard Dean), tree-hugger (Ben and Jerry's) state has the highest Iraq war casualty rate per capita in the nation?

Behind only 3 U.S. territories?

Red State home of Bush is down there at #25?

I'm not sure how to describe people like the fellow in the video - those who worship at the altar of Bush, those who think the war is great and necessary and support the invasion of Iran and any other nation that upsets G.W. Bush, yet has not served and will not serve.

Coward seems a bit trite - after all, they are brave enough to accost single moms with combat killed sons and put 'Support the Troops' stickers on their SUVs and call 'librals' "pussies." . Chickenhawk is certainly fitting, but does not convey my real disgust. Any suggestions?

To see more right-wing hypocrisy:

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Here, 24 year old right-wing punk Ben Ferguson tries to equate his love of the Yankees and not playing baseball with his support for the war but not serving:

There are many more examples, but I think I will end with this:

And, as is almost always the case, Bill Mahar gets it right:

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