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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creationist Engineers just know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING!

It is just so amazing...

Why this fella - Kevin Clark [aka KBC1963]- a mechanical engineer from Georgia, just KNOWS that similar genes cannot possibly 'encode' similar structures in organisms (e.g., limb bones in humans and chimps, or the upper and lower limb bones in the same organisms). Why? Why, because he is an engineer, and when HE designs similar things even in the same machine, he has to use 'different coding':

To say those three [femurs from different animals]are the same is not true. I
make 3 dimensional models and I have modeled many items that have similar
appearing forms and they are not coded the same. Each of these bones is
distinctly and spacially different just as the parts on a model car differ from
a real car. To assert what you have is to overlook a huge mechanical and coding

I mean, genetics must conform to the manner in which a mechanical engineer designs things on a computer...
But here, Clark explains why he can dismiss the musings of non-engineers on matters dealing with mechanics:

Apparently you are not aware of the same things I am since you are arguing
mechanics with a mechanical engineer. You are not taught engineering as part of
biology, nor have you persued instruction past your field as is evident by your
failure to understand mechanical principles.

I wonder - is biology taught to mechanical engineers?

By the way - this is the guy that claimed cells are spheres, carbohydrates are the points of attachment for all cells, etc....

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Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Yikes. More engineer stupidity.

Doppelganger said...

Salem hypothesis data point extraordinaire...

island said...

It's antifanatical and ideologically motivated blogs like this one that give creationists credibility. How sad is that?

And you're an "Associate Professor of Biology" too. What a coincidence... NOT!

But I guess that's okay, as long as you don't try to call your politically bigoted self a scientist... lol

Doppelganger said...

Hey look - 'island' is here! The anonymous uber-expert on everything that screens comments at his 'blog'!

What a charitable fellow, gracing us all with his omnipresence...

Oh - and I am a scientist, unlike the anti-science hack you pretend to be.

Now go away and pray to your own ego, which is about the best you seem to be able to muster.

Doppelganger said...

And to say that I give creationists credibility? What an imbecile...

island said...

Here's my first example of the junk that constitutes doppelganger's idea of "science":

On, my blog, "i" said:
The Anthropic Principle is a cosmological principle

And duhppelganger hosed it up:
"Actually, it is an after-the-fact concoction made by anthropocentrists."

No, Dr. Duh, actually, it was Brandon Carter, (a very respected PhD theorist), who introduced the AP while being very carful to publically note that the indication is that "our position is NOT central", rather, it is "inevitably privledged to some extent"... so you don't have a clue what you're saying.

Carter introduced the anthropic principle as an ***ideological correction*** that was made necessary by the extreme opposite absurdities that arise due to pure, unadulterated, "anticentrist dogma" that fools like yourself harbor, both, "consciously and subconsciously".

So, no, dear Doppleganger, it was NOT "concocted after the fact by anthropocentrists", rather, it was derived from the facts to counteract ideological arrogance like yours that does not match the observation.

Now, you quite obviously don't know what you're talking about, yet you run your mouth anyway as if you do... (thereby giving creationists credibility for being no less dishonest than "neodarwinian bullies", like yourself are). And you want me to publish crap like this on my science-based blog???... lol... you've GOT to be kidding me, I don't entertain the ideocy of culture wars like people on political blogs do.

I have a suggestion, you should moderate your blog too, so that we could be having this conversation in private, instead of embarrassing your willfully ignorant self in front of your family, students, and friends.

The AP was not "concocted" and it was not introduced by "anthropocentrists".

Wrong, and wrong again, because you get your information from equally fanatical zeolots, like yourself, rather than from scientists who are actually doing science.

What an absurd fool you categorically prove yourself to be... but nothing that the delete button can't handle, right, Dope?