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Friday, September 28, 2007

Why does Rush Limbaugh hate the military?

I mean, besides the fact that he is a draft doging sissy?

It seems that Limbaugh has been a hater of the mi,itary for some time. Or at least a hater of those in the military that do not share his personal opinions and right-wing ideology (shades of mAnn Coulter...).

See, Limbaugh referred to a Gulf War veteran who became an outspoken opponant of the war a 'staff puke', and said he joined the military to 'pad his resume' (isn't that what Quayle and W did?).

And recently, he claimed that those in the military that donot support Bush's oil war are "phony soldiers" - this, remember, from the chickenhawk that got out of Viet Nam for having a cyst on his ass... Or not - it all depends on which phony story you want to believe.

But that is not enough - Limbaugh now actually refers to Jack Murtha - yes, combat wounded veteran Jack Murtha - as one of the 'phony soldiers.'

These right wing chickenhawks have no sense of decency at all...


RBH said...

One can only recommend Roy Zimmerman's Chicken Hawk.

robash141 said...

I've had it in for this dude for a long time. I remember when he had a local show in Sacramento ,where I used to live. I thought then that he was about the rankest motherfucker I'd ever heard. He's done absolutely since nothing to change my opinion.

Actually he's much worse than i imagined . At the time I never would imagined such a raging asshole could become that influential.

If theres one thing that really makes me despise this draft dodging punk more than anything else it's his cowardly attacks on people military people who don't toe the George Bush line

AIGBusted said...

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Doppelganger said...

It is amazing - if you are a combat veteran and love the W, you are a great patriot, if you are a combat veteran and see W and his policies for what they are, you are 'phony' and don't deserve the medals you were awarded, etc.

But I am not sure which is worse - that there are people like Limbaugh and Hannity that will say such things, or that there are LOTS of Americans - most of whom also did not serve - who agree with them?