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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jonathan Wells - incompetent (liar?) for the Rev. Moon

Jon Wells, Senior Fellow with the Discovery Institute, has once again churned out some ignorant bilge on an issue he knows nothing about - science. See the smack-downs here and here of his latest idiocy.

On the one hand, I can't blame Wells for engaging in this sort of disinformation. His 10+ year stint as a graduate student at UC Berkely netted him a whopping two whole multi-authored papers on neither of which did he receive top billing (There are rumors - RUMORS only - that he only got his degree there after his department was pressured by a couple of UC Berkely pro-ID heavies and an implicit threat of legal action if his degree was not awarded. I reiterate that therse are mere rumors, however, given the level of discourse Wells seems capable of the fact that he is on a religious mission to 'destroy Darwinism' and the fact that ZERO science has been produced by ID advocates that actually supports ID, I do not have any real reason to doubt the rumors...), and the poor DI has just about nothing to show for all the money it has spent.

What else can the poor sap do?

The sad part is, of course, that there are multitudes of sycophantic hangers-on out there who hang on every word a shill like Wells writes.

Larry Moran makes some good points...

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