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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Fair and Balanced"? Fake News?

I have to laugh whenever I hear Fox News personalities carrying on about how 'fair and balanced' they are.

It is almost as if the pundits conflate actual news reporting - such as one might get with Shepard Smith (the one Fox News personality that retains some integrity) - with all of the propagandizing and agenda-pushing they do for the other 22 hours a day.

Here for example.

You can see 'anchor' Megyn Kelly getting indignant that Bill Burton states the truth - that their recent anti-Obama gibberish (such as the "B girl" hoax, which unfortunately was not mentioned) was a Fox embellishment/concoction.

She mentions that only 36% of news stories on other networks are positive for McCain.

As if there is some reason that all stations should have an exactly equal number of positive and negative stories about all political figures (this, let us remember, is the network that runs Obama=terrorist nonsense around the clock).

Let us consider this possibility - other networks report only 36% favorable stories on McCain because, I don't know, maybe the McCain campaign is 64% crap and lies and nonsense?

These people are just plain insane, and anyone that thinks Fox News really is "Fair and Balanced" should have their little pinheads examined.

Curious - Megyn didn't mention this poll, also done by Pew, showing that Fox news viewers are basically idiots.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Shpeard Smith actually had to quash the caricatured everyman Joe The Plumber who's been suggesting a vote for Obama is a Vote for the Death of Israel. Joe The Plumber knows Israel!

But, Fox News trumptes Rupert Murdochs views, that is the whole reason for it's existence. Rupert needs lower taxes and more media power and these are the talking points (no fairness doctrine and Obama is a homo, muslim, satanist, socialist, anti-american n***er).

I love Fox and watch it everyday.

Chris said... and this is not propaganda????

Doppelganger said...

No, it is exposing the lies and nonsense churned out in that movie, that you apparently believe.

Odd that a movement claiming to have Truth on it's side so frequently feels the need to lie about the opposition.

And Chris - feel free to post your inane comments here, but at least stick them in recent posts.