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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Republican Party in denial

Amazing. I just listened to the chair of the Republican Natinal Committee claim on NPR that contrary to public opinion, the Republicans really have the best ideas on how to fix the economy (trickle down works!).
Further, he refused to address concerns from other republicans about the undue influence of the religious right.

Keep it up! The further they run to the right, the less they allow that their positions might not be the best, the more irrelevant they will be.


Grung_e_Gene said...

The more republicans mention the trickle down economic theory the more the people will realize it's the Piss Down Your Back and Tell You It's Raining Prosperity model

brerjohn said...

Trickle down economics probably need to be supplanted by total world-wide by supercomputer.

Or maybe six years of free-for-all capitalism, and then one year of level-everything-spread-the-wealth socialism, followed by six years more of free market. (My favorite)

What a free market does is allow for accurate adjustment, but sometimes that adjustment takes place too fast, and there is some pain. Socialism, on the other hand, insures a lack of initiative and productivity over time, but at least it makes sure everyone is taken care of, including ppl who are marginalized or handicapped.

I am surprised you attack the free market so easily when the alternative has just as many drawbacks.

Doppelganger said...

It is most interesting how a post in which I write sarcastically that 'trickle down works" is interpreted to mean that I am against all forms of capitalism.

I suppose that that sort fo mindset is what keeps the right-wing of the republican party going - an inabilty to truly comprehend what others say or write and the requirement that they jump to extreme conclusions premised on that incomprehension.

What I 'attacked' was the failed supply-side/trickle-down/tax cuts for millionaires style of 'fiscal conservatism' espoused and forced upon the nation by money-grubbing republicans for the last several administrations. Such policies have saddled the nation with a crushing debt that our great grandchildren will still be paying off (and their great grandchildren) all because of this voodoo economics fantasy.

The capitalism espoused by anti-regulation conservatives has created a marginalized yet massive middle class, and extraordinarily wealthy tiny upper class and a huge number of people living in poverty.

Thanks alot.