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Monday, May 01, 2006

Rush Limbaugh not responsible for any of the bad (i.e., non-conservative) things he has done in his life. So, who IS?

Why, Democrats, of course.

I caught a CNN bit about Limbaugh's deal with prosecutor in Florida to avoid jail time for his illegal drug activities. CNN then showed a clip from his webcast/radio show in which he claimed that the Democrats could not beat him on his "political ideas", so they were trying to beat him with persecution on his drug problem.

Well, for starters, I did not realize that blaming "librals" for everything and making fun of people's names and appearance would be considered an "idea" at all, much less a political one, but hey - he's the pundit.

So, let me get this straight - it is Democrats that are to blame for his getting in trouble. For breaking the law. For being a drug addict.

What else are the democrats to blame for in Limbaugh's life?

Clearly, it was the democrats that forced Limbaugh to get his family doctor to write him a note to get out of military service during the Viet Nam war.

It was democrats that make Limbaugh flunk out of college.

It was democrats that made Limbaugh receive Welfare.

It was democrats that made Limbaugh get divorced, thus making a mockery of family values.
Not once. Not twice. But thrice.

It was democrats that got Limbaugh's TV show cancelled, not bad ratings.

It was democrats that...

Well, you name it - anything bad in Limbaugh's life is the fault of the democrats.

I'll bet that they are even responsible for his persecution and martyr complexes!

Just for fun -

Ways that I am different from Rush Limbaugh:

1. I was not born into a wealthy, politically connected family

2. I volunteered for military service

3. I am not a drug addict

4. I am not a draft dodger

5. I graduated from college (undergraduate and graduate school)

6. I have never received welfare

7. I have never been divorced

8. I do not blame those of a different political persuasion than me for all the country's problems

9. I do not blame those of a different political persuasion than me for all 0f my own problems

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robash141 said...

Yeah man you are so correct. I remember that guy when he had a local show in Sacramento, where I used to live. Thought he was completely full of shit then and he has done absoululty nothing since to change my opinion of him .