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Friday, August 04, 2006

Have we forgotten about Coulter the plagiarist?

I had written about the identified instances of plagiarism in Ann Coulter's latest screed, 'Godless,' here.

I have not heard of any follow up on this issue. I do hope it does not fade away...


There was some concern raised about whether or not Coulter had also engaged in plagiarism in her newspaper columns, and her syndicater was going to look into it. NEWSFLASH! They say there is nothing wrong... Who would have thought?

The blatant plagiarism in her book, however, is still unanswered for...

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robash141 said...

regardless of how this plagarism business turns out, I think Coulter's 15 minutes are about up.
Even A lot of Republicans are getting tired of her act.
Her columns have been dropped from a number of conservative papers.

Someone once described Coulter as being like The Joe Pesci character in a gangster movie
She's good for roughing up the opposition ,but she's such a loose cannon that eventually she'll cause such problems for her patrons that she'll have to be whacked by them.