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Thursday, November 16, 2006

More stupid biology claims by non-biologists

I had forgotten about this essay/article I had written some time ago, dealing with that paragon of ignorance-based arrogance, Warren Bergerson.

If you do not with to read it, at least read this statement:

"Whether you introduce 9 variations per life into a 9 letter message or a 30 million letter message the impact is the same. "

- Warren Bergerson

Bergerson - a retired actuary - cannot see the difference between a 100% change and a 0.00003% change. And he dares lecture others on THEIR lack of mathematical knowledge?


Novlangue said...

An interesting moment on BBC radio today. The prof. Richard Dawkins saying that it woulda bin better if the 6th edition of Origin of the species hadn't been published.
Gonna delete this? Up to you.

Doppelganger said...

It would be nice if comments could at the very least be close to on-topic.

That is a bit too much for you, eh Chet?

Tell me Chet - how are your graduate classes in chemistry going? Still getting As are you?