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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What happens when matter and anti-matter collide?

Or, in this case, what happens when two of the most clueless yet supremely arrogant and bombastically overconfident anti-'darwinists' on the Internet turn on each other?

Comedy ensues, starting in this thread!

A klassic klaim from that klown 'Ilion' (Troy D. Hailey):

"(*) Though, not every thing he says is inherently silly, any more than is everything you 'modern evolutionary theorists' say. LE's silliness arises from the same source as yours (plural): a prior committment to scientism rather than to logical reasoning."

So, Troy really thinks that HE engages in logical reasoning???? Anyone who has read more than a few of his posts will realize how utterly preposterous such a notion is...

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elbogz said...

If you mix pasta with antipasta, will it explode?