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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sally Kern - Why Southern Christian Conservatives should never be elected to office

This... creature... is repugnantly ignorant and evil....

And the worst part - people actually vote for her and support her.


robash141 said...

yeargh, what a freak!!

I can't help but wonder if most of these militantly anti-gay conservatives are secretly dealing with their own gender identity conflicts.

The more conflicted they are, the louder they yowl...

Theres a certain kind of politician that makes their living by pandering to the fearful,the greedy and the prejudiced,

Doppelganger said...

Hi Thumper,

You should check out a typical anti-evolution discussion board to see just how obsessed many of these folks are with what other people do with their wee-wees...

A little creepy, if you ask me.

robash141 said...

It is indeed amazing how one dimensional these folks are when they talk about "morality"

Morality to them is all about sex..

They will completely shine on people who are deceitful and explotative in their business practices, cruel towards their families and generally bigoted and misanthropic towards the vast majority the human race and that's just fine. Such people are often regarded by the Bible Thumpers as paragons of virtue.

However, don't get caught having sex with someone who the church says you're not suppose to, because you'll be roundly condemned as a horrible immoral person

NomadSoul said...

I was actually taught in a psychology class in high school that people who campaign so strongly against things like this are often struggling with their own inner desires. Perhaps that's what this creature who pretends to be a human being was referring to by saying that they're indoctrinating school children.

Words do not express how distressed I am to see that openly bigoted people like this can be elected to public office in this day and age.

All this from a religion of people who follow a man who was supposed to have preached about tolerance and love.

Doppelganger said...

I hear you, brothers.

Apparently, Kern has a son who is gay. As does Phyllis Schlafly. And Alan Keyes (daughter).

All of whom are anti-gay bigots.