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Friday, March 23, 2007

Francis Porretto - typical arrogant, ideology-driven right-winger

Ironically, Fran Porretto deigned not to allow my response to his hysterics to see the light of day on his website - ironic because the gist of his original article was to complain about the supposed censorship of right-wing lies. But he did write me this funny email:

My dear fellow, if you had bothered to show me even a modicum of courtesy, I might have deigned to educate you, but given your behavior I think your leftist-anticorporatist religion would reject anything I might say, however relevant or specific. So I shall leave you to wonder what your arrogance and insults might have cost you. [*see what I mean about ironic? - sp*]

Perhaps your ignorance will be of some comfort to you as you and yours attempt to vote away American sovereignty and economic dynamism for the sake of a phantom "crisis" which, even if it were real, human action could never affect.

Francis W. Porretto
Eternity Road

Lots of awfully certain statements in there for a 'scientist', no? I guess in right-wing circles not heaping undue accolades upon a ranter like Porretto is considered discourteous. The ironuies just keep a comin' from these folks...

So anyway, I replied:

Dear Fran the Physicist,

You are little more than a typical paranoid, overconfident right wing hack. Your inability to grasp simple facts - like for example why I left the link on your website in the first place - demonstrates this. You clearly did not read the article, for it said very little about GW as such and instead documented the deceptive, dishonest tactics of the producers of the video.

But your pomposity would not allow you even to acknowledge that.

Your arrogant ignorance fuels your paranoia.

Have fun in your miserable life. By the way - I am chronicling your right-wing nuttery for posterity. not that you'll need much help for that.

Not subtle, perhaps, but for crying out loud he did not even reply to what I referred to! He simply assumed that I was making a case for global warming! Any fool could have understood the reason I linked to the article I did - it documented the dishonest and decpetive practices of the producers of The Great Global Warming Swindle, which Porretto has been supporting! These right-wing paranoiacs can't seem to grasp simple concepts like that - most liklely because of their absolutist, ideologically-driven mindset.

Person A writes an article defending Subject A.
Person B informs Person A that the content of Subject A is in dispute.
Person A attacks Person B.
Person B tries to point out to Person A the true intent of the discourse.
Person A censors Person B, calls him names in a very projective manner.

Happens all the time with these Conmservative pseudo-know-it-all types.

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