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Monday, March 19, 2007

You'd think a neurosurgeon and 'expert' on evolution could spell evolution-associated words correctly....

But apparently not:

"Profanity seems to be a particular problem with the computer-math Darwinists. A dysfunctional clad, perhaps. "

Well, Doctor Professor Egnor, the word is "clade", not clad.

Now, it could, of course, just be a typo, and I would be the last person to complain or point out the typos of others, seeig as how I make so many so often.

But part of me does not think this is a mere typo. I think Egnor was just trying to make it seem as though he knows a lot about evolution, but blew it. This is not so crazy when one considers some of the other really stupid things this latest creationist with a medical degree has written on the subject... Not that the folks at the DI would know, of course.


Googlebombing for Egnor

Seems hero-worshipping will get the DI and its mindless minions nowhere...

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