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Monday, July 23, 2007

Troy D. Hailey - another labeling creationist!

Poor old Troy D. Hailey. We remember him - the internet creationist computer programmer that thinks he is smarter than everyone else...

Seems he found out I posted about him, and he's labeled me a stalker.

Not just any kind of stalker - but a psychopathic virtual one! Pretty cool!

Because, afterall, viewing the 'source' of a photograph that HE posted and following the trail is 'stalking'. Which is odd, since he is a super-smart computer programmer and all, you'd think that he would at least try to cover his tracks, if he was so concerned about it. Surley, he knows how? Creationists like to label people. Weird...

But old Troy is right about one thing - he is, most certainly, a "no one."

Or is he? Look at this amazing proclamation:

This attitude explains why ID is eating your (plural) lunch ... I mean, even aside from the painfully obvious fact that at no time going back to 1859 did you 'modern evolutionary theorists' ever have a real scientific theory in the first place. You people seem actually to imagine that you can use governmental force to silence criticism of your anti-rational pretend theory.

WoW! He got us! No scientific theory according to an internet creationist computer programmer! Who else would we ever go to to hear such truths? And the bit about 'governmental force' - gut punch! Because the government should allow religion to be presented as science, that is for sure!

And this lunch-eating... He must be referring to the fact that ID's own journal is chock full of irrefutable science supportive of creationism/ID!
Old Troy, what a card...

And I am so flattered - I am Troy's favorite psychopath!

Do you actually imagine that I am somehow intimidated because you're apparently in contact with my favorite "Darwinist"


What a fella...


It seems that ARN is preventing direct links (or something), so try this:

**UPDATE 7/25**

It seems that Troy "Ilion" Hailey just can't help himself... [scroll about 1/4 way down page 1, also on the second page]

What a great ambassador for Christ, he is...


RBH said...

The link to ARN is already dead -- I hope you saved the post.

Doppelganger said...


That was fast.

RBH said...

Weirdness: That last URL, in the update, is to a thread on The Privileged Planet with nothing from Ilion in it. Is that what you intended to link?

Also, searching the ARN forums on "stalker" gets no hits.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

This attitude explains why ID is eating your (plural) lunch

Delusions of grandeur seems to run through the ID crowd pretty consistently.

Doppelganger said...

rbh - he's on there - near the bottom.

bdc - it appears to almost be a prerequisite!